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400-Advanced REACTION system



Compare the features:
• Advanced REACTION software
• 1.3 Mega Pixel USB CCD camera
• Low light imaging requires minimum light and reduces hot spots
• 12x Microscope, magnifications from 12.5x – 145x
• Do multiple screen scale, edge detection and comparisons in different colors over a single image
• Magnifications automatically synchronized to PC
• Base block and focus encoder
• Focus indication
• User Macros
• CAD overlay software synchronized to scale movement
• Automatic screen calibration with magnification change stabilization
• Segmented scale calibration
• EURO-Tech PGEB6 6 Channel USB Encoder interface
• Free upgrade software downloads as hardware permits

Hardware specifications
• Microscpoe: *00484-1A 12X Optical system
• Magnification: 12.5x, 20x,30x, 40x, 50x, 60x, 70x, 80x ,90x ,110x,120x, 125x, 130x, 145x, and 212.5x
• Field of view: 12.5x= 25mm., 20x= 16.7mm., 30x= 11.6mm., 40x= 8mm., 50x=6.6mm., 60x=5.4 mm., 70x=4.55mm., 80x =4.0mm., 90x =3.5mm., 110x=3.0mm., 120x=2.8mm., 125x=2.6mm., 130x=2.5mm., 145x=2.3mm.
• Camera: *1.3 Mega pixel 1/2.” Format USB CCD color camera
• Computer: *Dell mini tower or Desktop, i3 or higher quad core processor RAM 3 GB Hard drive 250 GB, Digital DVI video interface
• Monitor: 20” - 22”, 1920 x 1080 resolution flat panel
• Operating system: Windows 7 32 or 64 bit
• Scale: Fagor
• Light: Variable intensity LED work light
• Language: English
• Screen Resolutions: Low = .020 mm. (.00078”)
High =.0017 mm. (.00012”)
• Repeatability: .005 mm (.002”)

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