Darex XPS16+


Darex XPS16+ regrinding machine CNC 4 axis

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Darex regrinding machine XPS16+ series
Tabletop CNC4 axis drill re-polishing machine

Anyone easily regardless of the operator's experience,
A short period of time to a full-fledged drill re-polishing is possible

-The re-polished in a short period of time the standard drill of Carbide & HSS A drill that general tabletop drill re-polishing machine Yosu the more than five minutes of time, you can work in about 1-2 minutes. Special drill expensive CNC tool grinder, standard carbide drill has spread operation to re-polishing simple, short period of time in XPS16 + machine.

-Quality to meet the tough re-polishing step of Japan
While a tabletop, a rigidity is designed for carbide drill grinding aircraft,Own chuck mechanism, Cutting edge automatic recognition feature it will achieve a high reproducibility.
Japan in the field that are most tool accuracy requirements of severe in the world,In addition also it has been used in Japanese companies overseas.

-Excellent by dry grinding was maintenance and clean working environment Sense the grinding load sensor, and automatically control the grindstone depth of cut. Thereby preventing burning of the tool, it was made possible to dry machining. Grinding sludge is treated with a dust collector attached, working environment is clean state is maintained. In the case of wet tabletop re-polishing machine, Coolant fluid enters the slide along with the sludge, there is a problem to be replaced frequently slide, XPS16 + machine also has excellent maintenance for dry.

-The choice of double collet to drill of the end mill shank6-jaw chuck in the case of drill shank, the drill of the end mill shank You can choose double collet chuck for clamping the two locations of the shank portion and the blade portion. Clamp accurate drilling will allow machining inhibited lip height.



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