Kirner K43 dressing machine for diamond and CBN grinding wheel

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Advantages of K 43
• Specially developed KirCam visualization software.

• High-resolution camera and monitor system.
• Multi-level zoom from factor 9 to 110
• High machine rigidity through FEM Engineering.
• Highly efficient dust extraction through the pivot centre point.
• Integrated positioning transducer for A-, X- and Y-axis.
• Variable teach-in oscillating travel.
• Ability to dress single wheels or multiple- wheel packs.
• Maximum dimensional accuracy and concentricity of the wheels.
• Profiling of the smallest radii up to 0.05 mm.
• Extremely user-friendly with minimal wear and low maintenance requirements.
• Ability to pivot the profiling head.
• Onboard PC with windows operating system.

Anyone wanting to manufacture high-quality precision tools in large or small quantities must operate with grinding wheels that fulfil the highest requirements in terms of geometry and tool life Tools can only be produced in series with a consistent level of quality by using a precisely defined grinding wheel profile. At the same time, this high quality must remain competitive pricewise.

The KirCam software especially developed by Kirner allows a multi-level zoom function (from factor 9 to 110) to be generated in combination with a high-resolution camera and monitor system. This enables the profiling and visualisaion of the smallest radii down to 0.05 mm.


The machine cinematics facilitate optimal adaption to the most diverse dimensions and specifications by adjusting the relative speed and oscillating regrinding process by means of a SIC wheel in rotation/counter-rotation. This enables the surface of the grinding wheel to be shaped and sharpened in one process.



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