Pull type collet W Series

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SCHAUBLIN high precision collet
Pull type collet W Series
The history of W & B type collet begins with Schaublin, Collet that has been integrated production from material, We continue to be adopted by many of the tool grinder.

•Selection of alloy steel material that produces a stable quality, quenching treatment, machining integrated production
Material selection, turning, hardening processing, grinding, marking, by strict production management of quality assurance, Schaublin company ISO9001: 2008, EN9100: 2009, AS9100, has acquired JISQ9100.

•According to the application standard, high accuracy specification can be selected
Quality of the required cutting tool is, depending on the added value, standard runout accuracy 10μm, or high precision swing it offers a lineup of accuracy 5μm.

•It has been selected to the prominent machine tool manufacturer trust
Chablis down collet has been adopted by the following grinding machine.
Switzerland Rollomatic company, tool grinder
Australia ANCA manufactured tool grinder
Germany Walther company tool grinder
Switzerland Kellenberger company tool grinder
Switzerland Studer manufactured cylindrical grinding machine
Switzerland TTB manufactured tool grinder

Run-out Adjustment System / SRS series
• Why SRS?
With SCHAUBLIN Run-out Adjustment system (SRS) the concentricity of the collet can be adjusted in such a manner that a runout of less than 0.002 mm can be achieved at any position of the workpiece.

• Advantages
Very precise and easily adjustable, easy maintenance, applicable with most collets and a large variety of machines.

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