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Concentricity Pro – Concentricity gaging system

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Concentricity Pro – Concentricity gaging system

The Rollomatic “V-Block” Concentricity Pro eliminates measuring errors inherent in conventional designs of concentricity gages. This unit is capable of measuring the run-out on cylindrical components below 0.00004” ( 1 micron ) and can ideally be used in the cutting tool, punching, semi-conductor, automotive and aerospace industries.

This quality inspection device is available in 3 versions:

Version 1            

As a stand-alone unit for comparators and contour projectors

Version 2            

Mounted on a surface plate with precision dial indicator and articulated arm

Version 3            

Mounted on a surface plate with a high-accuracy laser scanner to measure diameter and concentricity ( for measuring “odd – flutes” on cutting tools, a PC program is available – supplied by Rollomatic )

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