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The 6-axis precision tool grinder GrindSmart®630XW has been designed for high performance and specialty tool manufacturing for both long and short batches. It is equipped with linear motors, combined with the torque motor on the rotary axis, provides more benefits such as enhanced surface finish and reduced maintenance costs. The oil used for cooling and lubricating the linear motors is the same as the coolant oil. This ensures consistent thermal stability during setup and production without incurring additional energy consumption.

The 6th axis concept of this machine is unique in the grinding industry. It provides improved accuracy on ballnose endmills, or corner radii with a possibility to incline the grinding wheels and allows for easier programming with shorter empty moves during grinding operations. This machine covers a wide range of diameters from Ø 0.1 to 20.0 mm (.004" - .75"). As standard, this model includes automatic high speed pick & place tool loader with a capacity of up to 1,360 tools along with a high-speed wheel & nozzle changer with 6 positions.

The ultra-efficient synchronous spindle motor on the 630XW3 and XW models provides constant rotation speed and torque regardless of the motor load. This technology offers the advantage to obtain perfectly consistent and high quality surface finishes, especially when the motor load is high.

This unique design of the new GrindSmart® series offers the greatest flexibility and reliability as well as an exceptional level of accuracy among all tool and cutter grinders on the market.

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