YKT News#1

YKT News#1

Starting Company!!
Welcome to YKT Thailand website,

Hello, thank you for visiting our website this is the first blog of our website (and also for blogger) a content of this blog may be less, we hope for your forgiveness.

On the 1st of December 2015, YKT (Thailand) Company Limited have established. Our head office located at MD Tower, Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand, with new staff for 5 persons.
Nice to meet you.



Opening Ceremony Party

In November 2015 after Metalex exhibition, YKT Thailand have opening ceremony party to thank the customers who have support and help for our company.




YKT are machinery trading company with related to manufactured part and cutting tool, so today we are going to tell you about Machine Tool the mother of machines.

“Casting processes” are the primary manufacturing processes for shaping material, then the secondary processes are “Machining processes” by using “Material-Removal Process” that can be classification to this below broad.

Why Machining?

Machining of materials is adopted basically to get higher surface finish, close tolerances and complex geometric shapes, which are otherwise difficult to obtain.

Why we have to classification so much?

Metal removal is perhaps the most expensive one. The reason being that from the raw material, quite a substantial amount of material is removed in the form of chips in order to achieve the final shape required. Also, a lot of energy is expended in the process of material removal. So the classification has to be for suits the purpose of manufacturing product for highest productivity, least waste of material, using least of energy, and most important is using the least time.



Do you knows?

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Thank you for visiting our page, see you next times.


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